Chilling today

My best coolest friend is Toni and me and her are having a pamper day together today. We like trying out new makeup so we’ve gone and brought some face masks and since we have the house to ourselves we’re chilling. Hope no-one comes home unexpectedly cos we look a bit of a sight.

Found some cucumber in the fridge and put slices on our eyes. Feels strange and not sure its doing any good, but we’ve seen Beyonce do it, so must be cool.

I wanted to post a picture of us both but Toni absolutely refused which is a shame. Facebook needs brightening up sometimes and we’d probably give everyone a good laugh, haha.

Now we’re made up and looking glam, just a shame we don’t have anywhere good to go. But we’ll be hanging out with the gang later so lets see if anyone notices the new improved us.

Anyway its time for lunch and mum left us ham salad and some nice crusty rolls. Then we’re gonna make a smoothie with some leftover fruit and yogurt. I guess we’ve got to clear up after otherwise mum will be on the warpath again. I don’t get why she gets so wound up cos shes got a dishwasher and its not like we make that much mess.

After lunch we might go window shopping. Shame we don’t have any money to go real shopping, but my new Saturday job starts next week so perhaps I’ll get rich and be able to buy lots of new clothes.

I’m gonna be working at Max’s Cafe, doing waitressing and stuff. Not good at clearing up as you know but if I’m getting paid it’s a bit different. Hope is not too yucky a job though. And hope I get lots of tips cos thats the whole point of waitressing I think.

Right back to lunch cos Toni is getting hungry and has finished on Facebook so I gotta do my hostess stuff and fix her something to eat.