Up early today

Usually in the holidays I don’t get up till at least 10. I mean what’s the point of not having college if you still have to get up at the crack of dawn?

But today I woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Not like me at all and totally annoying. Anyhow I remembered my blog and thought I might as well get on the laptop and give an update. Still in my jamas though.

Well we went window shopping which was cool, and I bought a friendship bracelet and Toni got a new top, purple and silver, totally cool. Toni has been working for a few months so she’s got more money to spend. Lucky!

In the evening we met up with some of the gang and hung out at our fav coffee bar, Maxims. It’s cool cos it has lots of really comfy chairs and they don’t seem to mind that we stay a couple of hours and only have a couple of coffees. I suppose it makes the place look full.

Jaz is the comedian in the gang, so funny he had us in stitches with his story about his grandad. A bit disrespectful maybe but definitely had us rolling around the floor. So we had a good time and I was back home by 9.30. Watched a film that was real boring but it gave me time to catch up on Facebook. Nothing earthshattering there so was in bed by 11.

Not sure what we’re doing today but I’m going round Toni’s later and we’ll decide.

By the way, not one person in the gang noticed me and Toni looked particularly radiant after our facepacks. Waste of time I guess.