Starting Christmas Shopping

Toni, Flo and me have actually started our Christmas shopping. Amazeballs. We are so organised this year.

Actually I haven’t bought much but we went out to the mall and there was one of those Christmas stores. I can’t believe it was open already but I’ve noticed the garden centres have lots of Xmas stuff too (mum dragged me round last week to look at autumn hanging baskets – like I’m interested).

So we had a wander round the Christmas shop and I bought a couple of little gifts to get the ball rolling. I got a nice bracelet for Cass. I think she’ll like it. It’s purple and sparkly and that’s her favourite colour. It expands so it will definitely fit her little wrist. I’m going to look for a nice little box to fit it into so it looks really special.

Then I found a joke present for Dad. It’s a squiggy ball with a horrible eyeball in the middle. Really gross. We always give funny things to Dad and sometimes wrap something over and over so he starts with a big present and ends up with something really small. It’s a bit like pass the parcel when you’re little and have birthday parties, but Dad gets the parcel all the time. It makes us laugh anyway.

I’ve made a list of all the gifts I have to buy and it’s quite long, so I have to save up. I’d like to get something really nice for mum and because they’ve been really good this year.

I’m fed up with my job at Max’s. It’s just too boring and I don’t like clearing tables or washing up. So I’m looking for something better. I may try delivering local mags, although mum says it’ll be harder than it sounds. I’m not really good at walking loads so perhaps she’s right.

Nothing has really happened about the prom. It’s such a long time to wait that we’re all getting really depressed. So I’m going to focus on Christmas and have decided to make some new ornaments. We went in a craft shop at the mall and they have lots of things for making stuff for Christmas tree decorations and things to hang on the door. When I get paid I might go back and choose something. It would be nice to have some special ornaments and maybe I’ll give them to my grandchildren one day.