Planning for the Prom

It was great to see all my friends at college, and right now I’m mega excited!

The big topic is the end of year Prom! Well Christmas comes first of course but we’re starting to plan because it’s going to be the most exciting thing that happens this college year!

Flo and me are in charge of finding a limo. Yep we’re going for a really fantastic stretch job and a group of us have persuaded our parents to pay for it! I fancy one of those lovely Hummers, but we’re getting prices and have even been to one company to check them out. Wow. My favourite so far is – check out the cool pics.

We’re also starting to look for prom dresses. Mum says it’s far too early because we could grow by next year! I know she’s right of course but it won’t hurt to suss out the best place to buy a dress and the kind of things they sell.

Actually we might hire because there are a couple of nice places that rent dresses and it would be a lot cheaper. I can’t see the folks dishing out hundreds of pounds for a dress on top of  the car rental. At the moment I’m thinking a gorgeous deep blue, but of course I may have changed my mind next year. I think blue goes with my hair and eyes, but Mum says keep an open mind till the time comes to choose.

Flo is thinking pink – which suits her because she’s always been a girly. I’ve got a really nice bag which would be great with a pink ball gown, so I’ve promised to lend it to Flo if it goes with her dress. Oh it’s so exciting, I just can’t wait. I’ve been on a few websites and one is sending me a catalogue, so I’m checking the post every day.

Oh here’s Flo – gotta dash…..