Best News of 2016

So excited. One of my lifelong friends is getting married!  And I’m gonna be her Chief Bridesmaid!

Hayley is marrying Sam. He’s an electrician in Horsham and works for a cool guy. There’s a picture of Sam on their website – guess which one!  I like Sam a lot – known him about 8 years now, so I guess that’s nearly half my life!

Hayley held me when I was 3 days old!  She’s about 9 years older than me but we’ve always got on really well and done lots of things together. She’s really more like a big sister and used to live in my road.

So this is really cool. I get to have another brill dress and it won’t be one of those naff traditional dresses but something real sick.

There are going to be 6 other bridesmaids and I’m in charge. Hahaha. Me in charge of anything is a laugh. But I’m gonna take this real serious and be the best I can.  Sam’s friend Luke is his best man. I like Luke too but unfortunately he’s not single.

So the planning begins. It’s gonna be quite a big do I think. Hayley is looking for the perfect place to have the reception. It’s got to be a bit rural because she loves the countryside, and they want to actually have the ceremony there too. That means there’s not big journey from the church to the reception, which is pretty cool.

There’s a lovely barn that’s been turned into a wedding venue – called Rainbow Barn or something similar. Looks pretty nice from the brochures so that could be something to check out. These places are pretty expensive though. I told Mum and Dad they’d better start saving for my wedding. Dad said I ought to find a boyfriend first!

He’s probably got a point.

On that front there hasn’t been much news. I’ve been hanging out with the gang and we’ve had some good times, but I’m not finding a boy I want to date. But Mum says I’m still very young, although that doesn’t seem relevant to me.

There is one guy I quite fancy but he’s a bit shy. Flo and me are trying to plot a way to get him to ask me out – or at least say yes if I ask him! Not gonna share his name though – just in case he comes across my blog. That would be mega embarrasing.

Not much happening with the prom. It’s all gone a bit quiet, but Mum says we can get my dress in about April. Perhaps I should go on a diet?  You can see what sort of dress I like here

Oh and I’ve got a new job doing some writing work for someone who runs a website. It’s quite cool because I can do it when I want. I don’t think it’s going to bring in mega money but at least it’s something extra and I don’t have to get smelly in a restaurant.  Good job I’m pretty good at English.

Actually it’s quite interesting the work this lady is doing. I might try to find out more about how she builds websites for people. I’m guessing that once you know what you’re doing, the most difficult and time-consuming part is the content. Well that’s what I’m already doing – so how hard can it be?

Maybe I’ll do websites for companies and make a fortune. There are loads of internet millionaires aren’t there?  Can’t be that difficult for an intelligent and diligent girl – hahaha!