I’m Growing Up!

It’s 2017 now, I’m well over 18 and I’m starting to feel quite grown up! But the great thing is I’m still young and have my whole life in front of me.  But I do feel a bit different and the big news is that I’m moving out!

Actually it’s quite scary.  But I’m lucky because my Godmother owns a lovely little one-bedroom house and she says I can rent it really cheap for a year while I decide what to do.

And because I’m quite artistic, Caroline (said Godmother) is allowing me to choose some improvements, subject to her approval of course. She’s not that trusting lol!

So the first thing I did was get a decking builder around to look at the little garden. I really want somewhere to relax when (I hope) it’s sunny during the summer. He’s given me some great ideas and it didn’t sound too expensive so Caroline has given the go-ahead. She reckons it’ll be an investment because if I want a deck, then paying tenants will too. It’s going to be built of wood with a little railing around and will give me room to have a bistro table and chairs. I’m so looking forward to being able to use it because the garden faces south and I get a lot of sun.

Next on my agenda is the bathroom because I’d like a better shower. Caroline thought I’d be more concerned about the kitchen, but to be honest I’ve never really done any cooking so it’s not top of my agenda. However, Mum has given me a simple cook book so I shall be having a go and probably calling or Whatsapping her every five minutes.

I move next Thursday, although I don’t have much stuff yet. Luckily it’s furnished, although it’s pretty basic. There’s a sofa and small dining table and chairs in the living room and a small table I can put the TV on. Luckily I have a TV in my room at home so that’s coming with me. And Mum says I can take my chest of drawers for the bedroom.

There’s a decent bed in the flat and Mum has given me some spare linen, so really I have everything I want.

Flo is going to help me sort everything out and I expect she’ll be staying over quite often since she doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with her Mum. She has a blow-up mattress so I’m going to store that under my bed so she can stay any time she feels like it. I imagine it’ll feel a bit lonely to begin with, though I can’t wait to have some peace away from Cass. She plays her music so loud -and it’s not my cup of tea!

Anyway it won’t be long now and I hope the gang will be coming round to see the flat. I still hang out with them all sometimes, though me and Flo spend more time together now. I think we’ve grown up faster than the others, particularly the boys, who now seem a little immature.

Tomorrow me and Mum are going to the flat to clean. It’s not my favourite thing but we’ve got to make it presentable. Actually I don’t think it looks too bad, but Mum says she’s going to give the toilet and kitchen a good scrubbing, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

Off the bed now to dream of my new home 🙂